About Ear 2 Eye

Ear2Eye (formerly known as Pics By Paris) is a multi-oriented media company with artistic quality touches working in the photography, video, art and design related areas.  We do all hands on shooting, editing, and file conversions to meet the standards of all venues from the web to publications and any media source.  We have a team of illustrators and designers to meet any need.  Ear2Eye has a wide array of knowledge and experience in many areas from ad and commercial creation, sports, action, dance, live music, portraits, weddings, documentaries, and more.  Our goal is satisfaction knowing that the job will get done with the added touches of love for the craft and appreciation for each customer.  Ear2Eye also participates in many charities and city and organization events.  Ear2Eye follows the ethics and practices recommended by the P.P.A., the gold standard of photographers, and carries the highest respect for each client.